GBR 157 – Charger Norlin mkiii Built Finland 2015

(previously FIN 183 ISAF Plaque Number ...917. ..... Owner... Petteri Grönroos)

Keel lead weights optimised for maximum righting moment

12V electric auto bilge and manual pumps

Charger spars

Jib pole with special PTFE low friction rope guides.


New Standing rigging with purchase 3-1 system operating shroud levers

All new Dynema halyards control lines etc including tapered Dynema mainsheet.

Suite of almost new North carbon sails (used only one in World champs and one National champs)

Main and jib by Bjurstrom (Charger) plus other jib (all sails class measured at worlds)

Almost new combi trailer with TWO unused spare road wheels, Ratchet straps with stainless tensioners and padding. Steering handle included with launching trolley

Alloy storage/shipping cradle

Full top and bottom trailing covers. Mast and boom covers. All by Banks sails

Cockpit padded mooring cover

Standard padded seat plus a rigid seat reinforced with carbon fibre

Paddle, floating rescue line, mooring lines, foam fenders, Dynema lifting strop,

New Velocitec Pro Start on mounting bracket.

Harken and Allen ball blocks, Harken jambers.

ISAF builders plaque. RYA Measurement certificate – requires floatation certificate 2020

Loads of spare ropes (most almost new), blocks etc.

This boat was imported from Finland and has only been used by previous owner for one world championship and sailed by myself only in one worlds, two national champs and Antwerp National championships. It is in immaculate condition with un-marked hull etc and has been maintained to the highest standards.

It is ready to launch and race, ill health unfortunately has forced me to retire from sailing.


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