Guide to travelling


This is a guide for getting to events. I’ve tried to make it as comprehensive as possible but because I’m not god I may have missed something. 

Transport – how are you getting there?

  • Can I share a lift?
    • Cost saving
    • Company on the journey
  • Do I need ferries?
  • Do I need a second driver because of the length of journey?
  • Do I need to stop over night?
  • Car
    • Do I have tow bar?
    • Gross towing weight?
    • If no then can someone give me a lift
  • Trailer
    • Do I have one?
    • Bearings/tyre pressure/lighting board/spare wheel/jockey wheel (all of these should work and be checked before doing long journeys)
    • Make sure you tie the boat to the trailer!
      • Tie the keel forward and back.
      • Tie over the top at the back supports.
      • If unsure ask and get a lesson. It’s a bit hard to explain. I will try and add photos later.
    • Trail with a top cover on but if you’re not then make sure you tape the back hatch on
    • Make sure you tie all your shrouds etc on and tape them on. Make sure you put a knot in the halyards. Make sure all your fittings will not fall off.


  • Factor in time before the event to check that everything works and do repairs if necessary.
  • Am I happy that once I’ve de-rigged the boat I know how it goes back together – A tip I learnt from Allan Smith is that even if you can’t rig the boat yourself you should have an idea of where everything goes. – If it is your first time doing it try to be there when the boat gets de-rigged but also don’t worry as we can help you figure it out if you forget.
  • Spares/tools – good idea to have a basic selection
  • Sails
    • Is it a regatta that you want to bring your best set to?
    • You can sail with 2 mainsails and 3 jibs at an event if you want.


  • Do you know where you are going?
  • Where you are to leave the boat when you get there?
  • If you need hoisting into the boat does the venue have one?
    • Do you need your own sling
    • If the venue doesn’t have a hoist can you make other arrangements

Notice of race

  • Do you need to enter before hand? – Is there a closing date?
  • What is the start time of the first race/registration?
  • From that work out what time you need to turn up.
  • Are there any special requirements in the Notice of race
    • Float test?
    • Classification?
    • Section K?

Paper work – Always must bring

  • Measurement certificate
  • Insurance documents


  • Don’t forget your sailing gear (it may sound silly but I know people who have)
  • Do you need help rigging?
  • If so can you bring someone?
  • Or can you arrange with another sailor that they will help you rig?
  • Most people don’t mind as long as they have prior warning


  • Where are you going to stay?
  • Ask the locals where’s best.
  • It is advisable to not be more than ½ an hour away from the venue.


Finally have FUN.

  • If in doubt ask. If you’re unsure ask someone, we all want more people on the circuit so are happy to answer any questions however stupid.
  • Travelling to other places is a lot of fun and don’t be worried about being at the back of the fleet because whichever end you are at there’s always competition.


Many thanks to Megan Pascoe for this entry.