ABOUT THE 2.4 METRE - a world wide ISAF class

The 2.4mR is a single handed displacement keel boat and was originally designed to be a scaled down 6 metre. The class is a development class and uses the international meter rating rule similar to the 12 metres of Americas Cup fame. The 2.4 rule is tightly controlled such that radical designs that could make the current boats obsolete are not possible. A number of home builders and designers have taken up the challenge. But the vast majority of boats are to the Norlin Mk 3 design which has proved to be the bench mark in design and performance. This design has been adopted by IFDS as the single handed Paralympic boat. With the result that 2.4 mr One design class has been formed using the Norlin Mk 3 design and operates within the national and international class associations.

Since the helms person sits down inside the boat facing forward with all the controls at arms reach, the sailing is not physically demanding. Also with the ballasted keel to give power the boat is relatively insensitive to crew weight; so old, young, large and small compete on a level playing field when compared to a dinghy class. The rig is fully adjustable and performance comes from careful sail trim and tactics. Top sailors from the Dragon, Star, etchells, Flying Fifteen and similar classes are attracted for those reasons. In addition the Paralympic movement probably provides 20 % of the competitors world wide. The professional support and coaching they receive lifts the standard of the fleet as a whole.

In the UK we have an open meeting circuit of at least one event per month-- March thru October. including both inland and sea championships which attract all skill levels In addition there are a number of major events in Holland, Belgium, Denmark and Germany which are easy to reach and give top class international sailing without the cost of a big crew and a large boat to transport. There is a world championship every year which frequently attracts 80- 100 boats. The 2.4 tows easily behind the average car.