UK International 2.4 Metre Class Association Constitution

  1. The Association shall be called The UK International 2.4 metre Class Association hereafter called the Association
  2. The Association shall be affiliated to the International 2.4 metre Class Association and pay the required subscription in a timely fashion appropriate to its number of members.
  3. The aims and objects of the Association shall be:-
    1. To promote the racing and sailing of 2.4mR yachts within a friendly and supportive environment.
    2. To promote, and from time to time, run training sessions in the UK for 2.4mR sailors of all ability ranges in order to increase the skills of 2.4mR sailors.
    3. To promote club racing, open meetings and championships for the 2.4mR within the UK. This may include an Inland National Championships and a Tidal National Championships to be held annually.
    4.  To abide by the rules of the International 2.4 metre Class Association.
  4. Membership:-
    1. The Association shall consist of its members who will annually vote in a General Committee (the ‘Committee’) of a maximum of eight members.
    2. In accepting membership, the member agrees to abide by the constitution of the Association and the rulings of the Committee.
    3. Membership will be in one of the following categories:-

a) Full - for all persons who own a registered 2.4mR yacht or who have permanent loan of one.

b) Associate – for a person wishing to support and be kept informed of Association matters.

c) Junior – in either of the above two categories, but under 18yrs of age and in full time education

d) Temporary – for a person wishing to sail in any race or series of races held only for 2.4mR yachts, advertised as being a meeting where the results will accumulate to the award by the Association of a travellers trophy or similar. The organizing club should make every effort to collect the Temporary membership fee on behalf of the Association and forward such monies to the Treasurer. In the event of non-collection, the Association must be advised and the Association will not accumulate the results of that person towards the travellers trophy. This will not affect the rights of any person, who has paid the required entry fee to the organizing club, to sail in that race or series of races and to benefit from a specific prize or trophy for that race or series of races However for any event run by or for the Association, such as its Inland National Championships or its Tidal National Championships, all sailors must be either Full, Junior or Temporary members of the Association. The level set for Temporary Membership will be approximately 25 percent of the Full membership fee and will be valid for the race or series of races for which it was granted, but will be offset against an upgrade to Full membership if taken up during the current year’s membership period.

e) Sailability Group – this is not a membership category but recognizes the valuable work and support of disabled sailors in the sailing community and the need for them to be kept advised of developments in the 2.4mR Class. There will be no membership fee for this category but requires the provision of the Group representative’s name and contact details to the Secretary. Disabled sailors, if not already Full or Junior members, will be required to become Temporary members as detailed above if they wish to participate in the races or series of races as defined in the Temporary membership category.

Membership of this Association does not create a liability for the individual, either financially or legally for any of the actions of the association. This exclusion is for all situations where an individual has not acted or contributed.

  1. General Committee (‘The Committee’)-
    1. The Committee membership shall consist of a maximum of eight members and a minimum of a Chairperson and Secretary/Treasurer of all should be a member of the UK 2.4mR class association.
    2. The management of the Association shall be vested in the Committee.
    3. The Committee members shall be elected at the Annual General Meeting.
    4. The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional members for specific tasks during its year in office. Such additional members will cease to be co-opted at the following Annual General Meeting or when the present Committee considers their services no longer necessary.


    1. The Committee shall be responsible for considering any application for membership and shall decide if this application should be accepted.
    2. The Committee shall be responsible for appointing a representative to give the views of the UK Association at the International Class AGM inline with the requirements of the International class.
  1. Subscriptions:-
    1. Annual membership fees within each prescribed category for the following financial year shall be agreed at the Annual General Meeting. 
    2. Annual membership fees shall be due on the 1st January following the Annual General Meeting and shall be payable to the Treasurer.
  2. Annual General Meeting:-
    1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held after the accounts made up to 31st March have been prepared and  shall be presented to the members at that meeting. The meeting must be held no later than 30th September following the end of the accounting period and should, if possible, be timed to coincide with either the Inland National Championships or the Tidal National Championships.
    2. The Secretary shall give to all members at least 30 days’ preliminary notice of the date of the Annual General Meeting, inviting nominations and resolutions, and at least 14 days’ notice specifying the date, place and hour, together with the Agenda, including any proposed amendments to the Constitution and nominations for Committee members.  Such communications will be made by email where possible and by post for those members not having Internet access.  All proposals shall have a proposer and seconder.

3. Non-constitutional matters may be dealt within AOB and   proposals for this may be made either in writing or from the floor of the meeting. However the Secretary must make every effort to include major items in the pre-advised agenda of the Annual General Meeting.

4. Nominations for the Committee members must be received by the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting.

5. At least 25% of the membership must be present or have given valid proxy votes for the AGM to take place.


1.       At any General Meeting, Full Members shall each have one vote only, unless also voting as a proxy on behalf of another valid voting member. This shall only be allowed if a  written and signed proxy is submitted to the Chairman of the meeting at or before the commencement of the meeting or to the Secretary in advance of the meeting for presentation to the Chairman at the commencement of the meeting.

2.All matters shall be decided by a show of hands of those members present and eligible to vote, except that at the request of any member present and agreed by at least 50% of members present, the vote shall be taken by secret ballot handled by the Chairman who will declare the result to the meeting.

3.Approval by at least two-thirds of Full Members present shall be required to carry any resolution in respect of the Constitution of the Association. Other resolutions shall be decided by simple majority, and in the event of a tie, the Chairperson of the meeting shall have a second or casting vote.      

4.Any person who has not paid his/her full membership fees for the current year shall not be permitted to vote at a General Meeting of the Association, or to propose any resolution.  Associate, Junior or Temporary members may attend but are not permitted to vote. Other persons may be allowed to attend at the discretion of the Chairman of the meeting but may not play an active part in the meeting unless invited by the Chairman to do so.

9. Finance:-

            1. All monies raised shall be applied to the benefit of the      Association or purpose as decided by the Committee.

            2. The financial year of the Association ends on 31st March  

                and accounts up to and including that date shall be

                presented at the Annual General Meeting of the


3.   The funds of the Association shall be lodged at a suitable bank under the name of the Association, and all cheques, drafts, etc drawn on this account shall be signed by Treasurer or Chairman who will be sole signatories to the bank account.


4.   In the event of the Association ceasing to exist, any assets at the time of dissolution shall be dispersed to an association/club with similar aims.  The name of this association to be decided at the meeting when the dissolution takes place


             1.The Committee shall have the authority to expel from the Association any member guilty of an act or conduct deemed to be to the detriment of the Association.


1.There shall be the right of appeal against any decision made against a member of the Association by the injured party, or his representative, to the Committee, or to an Appeal Committee set up by it to act on its behalf, against any decision made against a member of the Association. 


12 . Constitution:-

1.   Proposed additions to, or alterations or revisions of the Constitution shall be submitted to the Secretary at least 21 days before the date of the Annual General Meeting, or together with a request for a Special General Meeting. Such resolutions can only be accepted from those entitled to vote at the AGM. No resolution involving an amendment to the constitution may be proposed or amended from the floor of the meeting.

2.   In the event of any question or matter arising which is not provided for in the Constitution, the Committee, whose decision shall be final, shall deal with such question or matter.



1.   Any Committee member wishing to resign from the Committee must submit their request in writing by post or e-mail to the Secretary or Chairperson. The resignation will take effect from the time of the receipt of acknowledgement of the resignation from the Secretary or Chairman.